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Group profile

Group profile

  Shandong Guoshun Construction Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985 in Changqing District, Jinan which enjoys great scenic beauty and has long been known as the home of installation. In May 2001, our company was restructured from a State-owned enterprise into a joint stock group company. Besides, we have a registered capital of 117 million Yuan and have an annual production capacity of over 4 billion Yuan.
  Through steady development over the past 30-odd years, Guoshun has developed from a small industrial equipment installation enterprise into a group environmental-friendly enterprise and a green assembly building enterprise that integrates research, learning and production and has an annual production capacity of over 4 billion Yuan.
  By the year 2017, we have more than 2,100 team members in research, design, manufacturing, construction, operation and management and have set up an effective desulfurization and dust removal engineering technology research center for industrial flue gas, a Guoshun design institute and six subsidiary companies. Guoshun also has four processing and manufacturing centers for wet-esp electric precipitation, steel structure, pressure vessel, and desulfurizer. All these have brought about multiple main businesses including environmental pollution control, the manufacturing and installation of light and heavy section steel structure, energy saving, and cogeneration.
  Through growth over the past dozens of years, Guoshun has established complete technological chain and industrial chain focusing on the control of environmental protection. At the same time, we shall strive to become an outstanding enterprise that commits to achieving “No. 1 staff income, No. 1 industrial development and No. 1 social contribution”.
   A, main title of honor

   National High-tech Enterprises,  the first batch of environmental protection service pilot enterprises  of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, China Construction Engineering Luban Prize, Quality Credit AAA Units in China Construction Industry, Demonstration Enterprise of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection in Shandong Province, National and Provincial Contract Trustworthy Enterprise , National Ministry of Industry and Information identified Guoshun Group as the first batch and the first enterprise in Shandong Province that comply to Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Industry (atmospheric controlling) Regulations. Environmental Protection Demonstration Project in Shandong Province, Shandong Province Installation engineering Luan Cup (two). In 2010, the enterprise was selected by Shandong Environmental Protection Department as the research and construction unit of sintering flue gas pollution control in Shandong Province in the "twelfth five-year" period, Jinan Innovative Enterprise, Jinan High-end Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises, and the top ten enterprises of ecological civilization construction in Shandong province.

  B, Scientific achievements
  1.Compiling industry standards: entrusted by the Environmental Protection Department of Shandong Province, we are responsible for compiling “Shandong Environmental Protection Products Technology Requirements for Limestone/Lime Desulphurizer and Sintering Machine Air Pollution Control Engineering Technical Specification”, “Shandong Technical Specification for Wet Electrostatic Precipitator”, “Shandong Technical Specification for Ultra-low Emission of Thermal Power Boiler”, and five environmental standards of “Shandong Province Sintering Machine Ultra-low Emission Engineering Specifications”, which contribute to fill domestic gaps. We also participated in the revision of the Emission Standards for the Iron and Steel Industry DB37/990-2008.
  2.Identifying scientific and technological achievements: The Company continues to carry out technological innovation, forming a unique SDPZ desulfurization technology system with the company’s unique characteristics. In the past two years, 10 scientific and technological achievements have passed the provincial and municipal scientific and technological identification, among which, two achievements, SDPZ desulphurization technology of sintering flue gas and Development and Application of Deep Purification Technology for Sintering Desulfurization Wet Flue Gas Electrostatic Demistering, have achieved the advanced international level of the industry. In addition, many achievements have reached the leading level in the industry of our country.
  3.Intellectual property: we have been granted 62 utility model patents and 6 invention patents
  4.Additionally, the company has undertaken the Analysis and Breakthrough Project of Bottleneck (fine particle control) of Eight Major Environmental Problems in Shandong Province and Project of "R & D and Demonstration of Ultra Low Emission Technology and Equipment Co-processing for Flue Gas and Pollutants in the Steel / Thermal Power Industry", which is a key project of technologies of independent innovation in Shandong Province in 2014.
  5.Undertook the topic of The research and demonstration of ultra-low emission technology and equipment in  iron/thermal power industry flue gas pollutants treatment, the 2014 Shandong Independent Innovation key technologies.

   6.Third Prize in Science and Technology Progress Award of Shandong province

  7.Second Prize in Science and Technology Progress Award of Jinan city
  8.First prize in Environmental Science and Technology Award of Shandong province
  9.The second batch of technological innovation projects of Shandong Province
  10.Jinan high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises
  C. Main achievements
  1.Flue gas desulfurization: we have cooperated with over 100 enterprises and completed the desulphurization task of nearly 350 steel sinters, coke oven flue gas, industrial boilers and thermal power units, which help us to win the praise of a vast number of users.
  2.Flue gas denitrification: covering 50MW ~ 660MW unit in the field of medium temperature SCR catalyst for industrial boiler and thermal power unit; Simultaneous SNCR denitrification project; Low temperature catalysts have completed the pilot application of sintering flue gas and industrial application of coke oven flue gas denitrification
  3.Flue gas dust removal: we offer our users with electric appliances like dry dust remover, electric bag compound dust collector, bag filter, wet electrostatic precipitator and so on. Now, the company is one of the three main suppliers of wet electrostatic precipitator in China.
  4.Green three star factory, assembly building, steel structure engineering, manufacture of light and heavy steel structure, installation engineering
  5.Waste heat recovery: we have completed generation projects of sintering, cement, coking waste heat power with more than 10 enterprises relevant to iron and steel, cement and coking, which exerts great energy saving effect, produces good economic benefit and contributes to the development of the user enterprise.
  6.Installation engineering of mechanical and electrical equipment: installation of all kinds of equipment, boiler, central air conditioning and ground source heat pump air conditioning, electrical installation, pressure (heat) pipeline construction.
  7.Cities, parks, residential integrated pipe network, roads, gas pipelines and so on  
  8.Standard, non-standard equipment manufacturing: Non-standard environmental protection equipment manufacturing, A1, A2-pressure vessel manufacturing, various types of sewage treatment works.
  9.Various types of energy-saving projects, environmental projects, municipal public works PPP or BOO, BOT business
  D. Excellent team and state-of-the-art equipment
  The company has trained excellent management team, technical team, construction team and desulfurization system operation and management team. We have more than 2,100 employees and over 460 engineering and technical personnel, among which we have 4 employees with doctoral degree, 36 with senior titles, 182 with middle-level titles, 35 with first-level architects, 47 with second-level architects, and 710 engineering and technical personnel with college degrees. We have various types of professional and technical jobs. The company has 1156 skilled employees, who are certified skilled welders and foremen, fitters, cranes and electricians with senior title or above, 18 non-destructive testing personnel and 12 physical and chemical examiners. Most of our employees, who are with profound professional knowledge and rich experience in engineering practice, graduated from majors including electromechanical, chemical, environmental protection and so on,
  We have complete construction equipment and quality inspection facilities, and there are rational laboratory, nondestructive testing room, welding laboratory, standard measuring room and so on.
  E、Excellent quality and safety management system
  The company has established excellent quality and safety management system, which were approved by certifications including ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. In addition, we achieved Safety Production License and the third-level Certificate of Measurement System.
  F、BOO model innovation and a variety of business models
  We applied BOO to sintering flue gas desulfurization project for the first time in our country, which has achieved a great effect and makes us fulfill our promises of environment protection. Based on these, the company has fully affirmed and highly recognized by the State Ministry of Environmental Protection. BOO model has strengthened the responsibilities of environmental protection company in terms of property rights relationship, supervision mechanism and benefit distribution mechanism. It has solved the problem of environmental integrity and promoted the healthy development of the industry. The Ministry of Environmental Protection determined to regard it as the first model.  
  By far, the company adopted three business models: traditional EPC model, EPCO model and BOO model. These models will be used based on the demand of market.