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Founded in 1985, a Large-scale Enterprise Integrating R&d, Design, Manufacturing, Construction, Operation Management, and Investment Services

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

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Development strategy

Guoshun Vision:
Using technology to create new products, formats, and lifestyles.

Guoshun Mission:
Using technology to create new products, formats, and lifestyles. To be an excellent enterprise that promotes a happier human life.

Strategic objectives:
EAchieve employee income first, industry development first, social contribution first, and grow into a "century old enterprise with self-reliance"!

Core value concept

Brand view:
Honesty is the cornerstone, brand is faith, and brand is the long-term aspiration of a company's development, not a short-term profit tool.

Talent view:
Thoughtful, ethical, bloody, correct and mature values, can withstand tests, can withstand loneliness, can withstand praise, can withstand criticism, can sink, float, be good at self-reflection, willing to improve themselves, Let young people with ideals grow up no longer.

Cooperation concept:
Externally: always adhere to the concept of family cooperation and build a harmonious ecological cooperation industrial chain;
Internally: Help others and achieve yourself.

Team growth goals

Senior cadres should be leaders + professors;
Middle-level cadres must be heroes + experts;
Grassroots employees must be professionalized + professionalized.

Working principle

style of working:
Adhere to integrity, down-to-earth, diligence, firm focus, unity of knowledge and action.

Basic indicators of cadre work:
Three meetings: can do, write and speak;
Three full: full-time, full power, full responsibility.

Working criteria:
If one day makes another, one day makes another.Always adhere to the ‘improve yourself, outstanding’. creed, never arrogant and conservative, expand the pattern of life.

Report work and talk about results; ask for instructions on work and talk about plans; summarize work and talk about procedures; set up work and talk about standards; handover work and talk about ethics; recall work and talk about feelings.

Be cautious, strengthen self-cultivation, and implement strict self-requirements and self-management.