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Energy saving and investment operation

Energy saving and investment operation

  In the field of environmental desulfurization and dedusting, the company is the explorer of the BOO business model and the practitioner of professional operation and management. In 2010, we cooperated with Rizhao Steel Group Limited with the mode of BOO to construct and operate 2 * 360 square meters sintering flue gas desulfurization system, which is pioneering the BOO model of domestic sintering and desulphurization
  A、General situation of operation
  The company set up a specialized operation and management team, and implemented fine management of the desulfurization and dust removal device. We have successfully completed the inspection of the national environmental protection inspection team, and the emission met the standard and the synchronization rate with the host machine was 100%. Pollutant discharge control of desulphurization and dust removal in sintering machine. Pollutant discharge control of boiler desulphurization system in power plant. It ensures the long-term stable operation of the main engine and the desulfurization and dust removal system, and has achieved good economic and social benefits. At present, the operation department of the company has been operating 22 sets of desulphurizing units, which include Rizhao Steel 600 square meters sintering units (which is the biggest in China), Laiwu Steel 400 square meters sintering units, Rizhao Steel 1#2# pellet sintering units, Zaozhuang Bayi thermal power 350MW units.
  B、Operating characteristics
  1. The operation project follows the 7S management idea, which are establishing the maintenance and maintenance management system of the desulphurizing and dusting complete equipment and greatly reducing and avoiding the failure.
  2. Establish a mechanism to repair accidents. We have built linkage mechanism among more than 10 operations department and formed professional repair team, quality and quantity, which can complete the task of repairing with quality and quantity and within expected time.。
  3. We have established spare parts reserve and guarantee sufficient and comprehensive spare parts. In accordance with the needs of the various operating items, the spare parts are invoked at the first time to ensure the timely maintenance.
  4. Promote the standardization of production operations. We launched standardized operation in terms of operation, equipment management and troubleshooting to ensure high efficiency and safety of production.
  5. We have set up the 3D technical training course to carry out systematic skills training and performance assessment for employees, to cultivate professional environmental protection talents and to realize the talent reserve.
  C、Safe operation command center
  The company has established a safety operation command center at the headquarters of the group, which gives full play to the platform's high level supervision, high coordination and high command function. The operation of the center fully follows the principle of advanced technology, complete functions and stable performance, which realizes the functional positioning of the three dimensional control and control command and provides a powerful post guarantee for the safety production of various projects.