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New Materials

New Materials

  Founded in 2012, Shandong Guoshun New Materials Technologies Ltd. which is subordinated to Shandong Guoshun Group, has a registered capital of 21.16 million yuan, employees 316 people, the annual output value of 200 million yuan, profit and tax 36 million yuan. The company is the only professional company in Shandong to make desulfurizer products at present. Our products are mainly used in the desulphurization of wet flue gas of sintering machines and power plants in metallurgical and electric power industries. And, the emission of flue gas reaches the national standard. In addition, our products are also widely used in pure alkali industry, ecological agriculture and forestry, chemical industry, environmental disinfection, sterilization, insecticidal activity of alkali production and non-ferrous metallurgical industry.
  The development and expansion of the company has laid a solid foundation for the development of the new company. Based on this, we have invested heavily in the development of desulphurizer products, so as to solve the problems of the failure to reach the standard of wet flue gas desulfurization, high operation cost, and in-availability of waste products after the desulphurization, which are caused by impurities and high Si content. In June 2012, the company completed the exploration, demonstration and laboratory test of ore source, and site selection of the plant. Besides, we have formulated the mine exploitation and protection scheme with "mining in protection and protecting in mining", and created a new model of mine development and utilization. By July 2014, we have built a desulphurization preparation center consisting of separate office service area, desulfurizer production area and stone processing area.
  High quality mineral resources, advanced technology and equipment, excellent management team will be greatly beneficial for creating excellent desulfurization products. The content of calcium oxide in the products is high and its quality is good. Main chemical indexes: CaO≥ 82%,Si≤3%. Advanced preparation equipment: the preparation center has two 540M3 automatic vertical kilns. The production capacity of a single kiln is 18T/H, and its production capacity is 432T/D. A daily production of a wet flue gas desulfurization agent can reach 400T and other lime 300 - 330T. Annual production of desulfurizer can reach 300 thousand tons. The equipment takes automatic ways to complete the process of feed, ash and dust removal, and the performance is stable and reliable.
  We produce a series of products based on the wet flue gas desulphurizer of the steel plant and power plant. The products reached the state-level requirements in 2013 and were put into production and then the market in 2014. the company has been absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad and summarizing practical experience in desulphurization operation for years. We have built an excellent scientific research team, advanced technologies, excellent equipment, and strict management. The products are with high precision, stability and reliability. All these make us rank among the forefront of domestic desulfurizer industry and build a famous brand.