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Founded in 1985, a Large-scale Enterprise Integrating R&d, Design, Manufacturing, Construction, Operation Management, and Investment Services

Other Business

Other Business

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Waste Heat Power Generation Project

  Guoshun Group has been engaged in large-scale heat exchange stations and large-scale thermal pipe network installation and renovation projects for many years. It is the earliest in Shandong area to engage in steel sleeve steel, plastic sleeve steel, thermal pipe network, power plant first station, steam-water heat exchange station, Water-water heat exchange station project enterprise.



Waste Heat Power Generation Project



Electromechanical installation engineering

  Guoshun Group has the first-class qualification for general contracting of mechanical and electrical engineering construction. In order to serve users more comprehensively, it has realized a comprehensive service model integrating engineering installation and equipment production, and can engage in EPC, EP, and PC engineering services for various mechanical and electrical engineering. The business areas involve: electric power, chemical industry, papermaking, civil, metallurgy, building materials, environmental protection and many other industries. The construction area covers all provinces, cities and autonomous regions, and the construction capacity is at the forefront of the industry.



Ground Source/Air Source Heat Pump Project

  Guoshun Group is committed to the development and application of ground source heat pump and air source heat pump projects, and has constructed multiple ground source heat pump projects using underground pipe and water source technology.



New Materials

  Shandong Guoshun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and belongs to Shandong Guoshun Group. It has a registered capital of 21.16 million yuan, 316 employees, an annual output value of 200 million yuan, and a profit and tax of 36 million yuan. The company is currently a professional company producing desulfurizer products in Shandong Province. Its products are mainly used for desulfurization of wet flue gas from sintering machines and power plants in the metallurgical and power industries, and the flue gas emissions meet the required standards. In addition, it is also widely used in soda ash industry, ecological agriculture and forestry, chemical industry, insecticide, environmental disinfection, active alkali production and non-ferrous metallurgy industries.

  The development of Shandong Guoshun Group has laid a solid foundation for the development of Xinke Company. Guoshun Group has grown into a well-known domestic desulfurization and dust removal environmental protection enterprise, a leader in fine particulate matter and ultra-low emission governance, a high-tech enterprise, a Shandong environmental protection service pilot enterprise of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, an innovative enterprise in Jinan, and an equipment manufacturing enterprise in Jinan , Realizing that coal-fired units meet the emission standards of natural gas gas turbine units. On this basis, Guoshun Group has invested heavily in the research and development of desulfurizer products to solve the current market desulfurizer products with high impurities and high Si content, resulting in wet flue gas desulfurization that does not meet the standards, high operating costs, and waste products cannot be used after desulfurization. The problem. In June 2012, the company completed mineral source detection, demonstration, laboratory testing, and site selection of the factory area, and formulated a mining protection plan with "mining in protection and protection in mining", creating a new model of mine development and utilization . By July 2014, after two years of hard work by the company, a desulfurizer preparation center consisting of an independent office service area, a desulfurizer production area, and a stone processing area appeared in front of people.

  Mineral resources, advanced technology and equipment, and the management team will create excellent desulfurization products. Its calcium oxide content is high, the quality is good, the main chemical index: CaO ≥ 82%, Si ≤ 3%. Advanced preparation equipment, the preparation center has two 540M3 automated vertical kilns, with a single kiln output of 18T/H, a designed single kiln production capacity of 432T/D, and a daily production of 400T of wet flue gas desulfurization preparations for steel plants, or 300 for other limes— 330T, with an annual output of 300,000 tons of desulfurizer. The feeding, ash discharging, and dust removal of the equipment are all controlled automatically, with stable and reliable performance.

  Shandong Guoshun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. produces a series of products based on wet flue gas desulfurizers for steel plants and power plants. It passed the appraisal in 2013 and was put into production and put on the market in 2014. On the basis of absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad, the company has accumulated many years of practical experience in desulfurization operations, with scientific research team, advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, strict management and product high precision, stability, and reliability, ranking among the domestic The forefront of the desulfurizer industry has become a product.