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Founded in 1985, a Large-scale Enterprise Integrating R&d, Design, Manufacturing, Construction, Operation Management, and Investment Services

Technical Strength

Technical Strength

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  Guoshun Group boldly explored and dared to practice, and overcome many major world technical problems such as alkali metal blockage and alkali metal poisoning in sintering flue gas SCR denitration. More than 30 sets of sintering flue gas denitration and whitening projects have been completed in more than 20 iron and steel enterprises, achieving stable operation and ultra-low emissions.


Source governance

  Initiated the development and application of intelligent management and control systems for the sintering production process of steel plants to reduce pollutant emissions from the source.



  Guoshun Group has completed desulfurization, denitrification, whitening, dust removal and environmental protection projects for more than 130 domestic iron and steel enterprises; ultra-low emission renovation projects for more than 200 thermal power enterprises and more than 30 waste heat recovery projects. SDIC Tianjin Beijiang Power Plant's 1000MW unit ultra-low emission retrofit project was listed as the first national ultra-low emission demonstration project. The steel ultra-low emission environmental protection market share in the province has reached more than 90%, and the country has more than 40%.


Green fabricated steel structure

  Guoshun Group took the lead in establishing a comprehensive assembly-type steel structure construction technology system for steel structure standardized design, factory production, prefabricated construction, integrated decoration, and information management.

  Participated in the compilation of "Shandong Province Prefabricated Steel Structure Building Residential Steel Beams, Steel Columns, Steel Supporting Technology", "Shandong Province Prefabricated Steel Structure Building Evaluation Standards", integrating German steel structure intelligent manufacturing technology, deepening energy-saving and environmental protection industrial technology and new The application of energy in the field of construction has made every effort to promote the transformative development of green fabricated steel structure buildings.


Waste water

  Guoshun Group vigorously develops domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, wetland and water purification, desulfurization wastewater, and zero-discharge treatment of wastewater. Diversified technical methods have improved water recycling and effectively maintained the balance of ecological material circulation in the natural world, providing humanity Livable living environment.


Wet removal

  Guoshun Group took the lead in successfully applying wet electrostatic dust removal technology to the deep purification treatment of wet flue gas from thermal power plants and sintering machines, breaking through a number of key technologies. Realizing the deep purification of multi-pollutants such as fine particles and acid droplets in the wet flue gas after desulfurization, Guoshun Group is one of the three major suppliers of wet electrostatic precipitators in China.