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The Changqing District National Fitness Center project undertaken by Guoshun Group won the Shandong Provincial Steel Structure Gold Award

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  The Changqing District National Fitness Center reconstruction project undertaken by Guoshun Group was selected as the Shandong Province Steel Structure Gold Award Project by the Shandong Steel Structure Industry Association.




  The National Fitness Center project in Changqing District is a key project in Changqing District. The project has a total investment of 140 million yuan, covers an area of 3,8197.1 square meters, and has a total construction area of 26,188.85 square meters, of which 21,772.21 square meters are newly built. It was assessed as a prefabricated demonstration project in Shandong Province. The project adopts a green prefabricated steel structure building form, with an implicit frame plus a supporting structure system, a breakthrough BIM forward design, integration of the entire industry chain resources, and the entire process management of project design, manufacturing, installation, and construction.


  The owner of the Changqing District Education and Sports Bureau said frankly that the completion and use of the National Fitness Center in Changqing District has overturned the public's traditional perception of steel structure buildings and gave the public a new understanding of fabricated steel structure buildings. Guoshun Group organized construction in an orderly manner in accordance with technical requirements, quality standards, design documents and contractual agreements, completed the construction of the National Fitness Center with high quality and high standards, and ensured that the technical quality, material quality, construction quality, and steel structure engineering quality were in line The good standards have set a model and benchmark for steel structure prefabricated buildings, and handed over a satisfactory answer to the Changqing District government and people. The center has become an important place for Changqing District to carry out national fitness activities and hold high-level events, and it has become a new landmark for the general public in Changqing District for fitness and entertainment.


  Honor witnesses strength and strength carries quality. Guoshun Group participated in the compilation of the Shandong Province prefabricated steel structure residential steel beams, steel columns, and steel support technical standards, and passed the evaluation of the Shandong prefabricated industry demonstration base. As a province-wide enterprise, it undertakes the research and formulation of technical standards, bidding standards, acceptance standards, steel quota standards and application systems for the prefabricated steel structure of the Shandong Provincial Housing and Construction Department. After years of scientific research and development and engineering practice, Guoshun Group has formed a comprehensive assembly-type construction technology system in the country of standardized design, factory production, assembly construction, integrated decoration, information management, and intelligent application, realizing like making cars The same is true of building houses, building buildings, realizing industrial ecological civilization, and promoting the integrated development of industry and city.