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Founded in 1985, a Large-scale Enterprise Integrating R&d, Design, Manufacturing, Construction, Operation Management, and Investment Services

Zhang Shuting, deputy general manager of the production department of Huaneng Wuhai Thermal Power Plant, and Gao Zhongyi, minister of the Huaneng Wuhai Thermal Power Plant, visited the headquarters of the group company and presented our company with a penn

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  Huaneng Wuhai Thermal Power Plant Production Department Deputy General Manager Zhang Shuting and Minister Gao Zhongyi visited the headquarters of the group company to present our company with a pennant of "Able to fight tough battles and excellent style", and completed the ultra-low emission transformation project of 2X200MW units in Wuhai Thermal Power Plant with guaranteed quality and quantity Part of the desulfurization collaborative dust removal project has been fully affirmed.

  Zhang Shuting sincerely thanked the Guoshun Group’s project team for their high attention to the Wuhai project in terms of project organization and management, construction team, and technology. In the face of disadvantages such as narrow construction site space, tight schedule, and high construction difficulty, the construction team of Guoshun Group Always adhering to the ‘family’ concept of cooperation, giving full play to the spirit of overcoming difficulties, strictly in accordance with Wuhai Thermal Power Plant's ‘Outsourcing Engineering Safety Management Standards’ for project management and control, and targeted detailed safety side stations, technical plans, quality inspection and other measures have been formulated , To implement safety at all levels, closely link quality, and go all out to do all the work, to provide a strong guarantee for the safety, quality, and smooth commissioning of the project. The plan for the heating node of Wuhai Thermal Power Plant was realized on schedule and won the owners’ High praise from the production department and leaders.

  Huaneng wuhai Power Plant’s affirmation of our company’s construction management is also a spur to our company’s future project construction management work. The group company will continue to fulfill its promise and uphold the engineering concept of ‘build a set of environmental protection equipment and eliminate a pollution source’. After the projects are completed, they will be put into production once and meet the standards and run in a long-term and stable manner, striving to build more benchmark projects.

  Linyi Jiangxin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Vice President Li Fengming and Plant Manager Yang Chuanyang made a special trip to the headquarters of the group company and presented a banner with the words ‘Make every possible effort to make high-quality goods, race against time to catch up with the construction period’, to thank Guoshun Group for the ‘Linyi Jiangxin Iron *The construction of the 2*210㎡sintering and desulfurization flue gas wet electrostatic precipitator project’ is completed ahead of schedule with quality and quantity. Lu Shengtao, vice president of engineering of the group company, accepted the silk banner on behalf of the company. Vice President of Operations Zhang Pijun, Minister Bi Gengyao, Minister of Administration and Human Resources and Material Supply Department Li Fei, and Minister of Engineering Management Department Mai Xiaokui participated in the reception. During the reception, Mr. Li and Mr. Yang of Jiangxin Iron & Steel highly praised the high-speed and efficient Guoshun construction team that was still in the construction process of this project under tight schedule and heavy tasks, ensuring that ‘2* The 210㎡ sintering and desulfurization flue gas wet electrostatic precipitator project’ was completed ahead of schedule and put into operation. The leader of the group company stated that the chairman of the board attached great importance to this project, and arranged special personnel to follow up the design, construction and material supply. Under the premise of ensuring quality and safety, the construction period was reduced and the construction of the project was completed ahead of schedule. Guoshun Group's ultra-low emission performance is inseparable from the full affirmation and trust of the owners. The group company will, as always, strictly follow the contract requirements, ensure the quality of service, and provide the owners with better and more efficient services. New frontiers and brilliance will be created in the journey of prevention and treatment!