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New talents gather, quality wins the future! Guoshun Group holds 2020 new employee induction meeting

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  On July 2, Guoshun Group solemnly held the "New Talents and Talents, Quality Wins the Future" new employee induction meeting at the Publicity and Education Center on the 8th floor. Group Chairman Lv Hewu, Executive Director Sun Deshan, Labor Union Chairman and Deputy General Manager Li Fei, Deputy General Manager Dong Lin'an and Deputy General Manager Feng Chao attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Minister of Human Resources Guo Fudong.

  Watched the group's promotional video and 2019 memorabilia to deepen their understanding of the group. Subsequently, 45 energetic new employees talked about their personal ideals and career plans with passion and energy.

  The leaders at the meeting attached great importance to this talent input. In their speeches, they expressed their warm welcome to the new employees to join the Guoshun family. They hope that all new employees can change their minds and roles as soon as possible, adapt to the new environment, stay true to their original intentions, and find their own positions as soon as possible. In the years to come, work hand in hand and work together to become a responsible, ambitious, mission, valuable and innovative Guoshun young man!

  Finally, the chairman delivered an important speech. In his speech, he expressed his sincere and warmest welcome to the new employees, introduced the long and profound historical and cultural heritage of the group, and exhorted everyone to be grateful to the society and parents. Hope All new employees repay the country’s cultivation and parent’s kindness with their excellent work performance, and hold up the company’s bright and bright future. In his speech, the chairman explained the broad prospects of future development for the new employees, and put forward higher development requirements, guiding them to gradually realize the progress from excellence to excellence, and looking forward to their hard work and hard work in their future careers. , Become the pillar of the group as soon as possible, and strive for the company to achieve the "Double Hundred" goal!