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Chain reconstruction, win-win development! Guoshun Group joins Sunnsy Group Heavy Industry Machining Alliance

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  On June 12, the first batch of cooperative enterprises of Sunnsy Heavy Industry Machining Alliance formally signed a contract. Sunnsy Heavy Industry signed cooperation agreements with six companies including Guoshun Group, Ping An Precision, Maiteli Machinery, Jinlufeng Industrial, Huanguan Technology and Kunpeng Machinery. Zhao Juan, deputy secretary of the Changqing District Committee and mayor, He Jiwen, director of the Administrative Committee of Jinan Economic Development Zone, and Ding Yong, deputy mayor attended the signing ceremony. Sun Deshan, executive director of Guoshun Group, attended the signing ceremony.


  On behalf of the Changqing District Party Committee and the District Government, Zhao Juan expressed his warm congratulations on the successful holding of the signing ceremony, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all entrepreneurs for their long-term care, support and contribution to the development of Changqing. Zhao Juan said in his speech that the equipment manufacturing industry is an important part of the industrial economy of Changqing District. Sunnsy Group, Sunnsy Heavy Industry, Guoshun Group and the companies attending the signing ceremony are all well-known and leading enterprises in Changqing District. Actively explore and innovate, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and make outstanding contributions to the social and economic development of the whole district while the quality, efficiency and strength of the company continue to grow. Especially during the epidemic period, all entrepreneurs gave full play to their own resource advantages, technological advantages, brand advantages, and market advantages to emancipate their minds, reform and innovate, and took many solid and effective measures to turn crises into opportunities and seek opportunities in crises. Today, Sunnsy Machinery The successful signing of the processing alliance is a vivid demonstration of the chain reconstruction, complementary advantages, and group development among enterprises. The cooperation with key machining enterprises in the region to form a community of interests to achieve strong alliances and complementary advantages is an important measure to promote the high-quality development of the industry. It is important to enhance the competitiveness, influence and industrial benefits of the cement machinery equipment industry in Changqing District significance.

  Sun Deshan, executive director of Guoshun Group, first introduced the development status of Guoshun Group in his speech. He pointed out that this cooperation is an extension of their respective industrial chains and is highly complementary and mutually supportive. The areas where Guoshun Group participates in cooperation include: Cement kiln SCR high-efficiency denitrification technology, resource utilization of desulfurized gypsum, and fabricated steel structure buildings can be comprehensively cooperated through various forms of technology joint development, technical support, new product industrialization cooperation, project cooperation, and consulting services. Mr. Sun emphasized that this is the first time that Guoshun Group has joined an industrial alliance built by government services and enterprises. He has deeply felt the strong desire and positive actions of the Changqing District Committee and the district government to develop the economy. Guoshun Group will use the geographical location of the platform Advantages, keep together with alliance companies, seek common development, and strive to create a tens of billions enterprise and a century-old Guoshun.

  Sunnsy Group is one of the national large-scale cement companies. As a leader in the cement industry, the group's Sunnsy Heavy Industry has abundant resources in cement and building materials equipment. This time, it is cooperating with six key machining companies in Changqing District, including Guoshun Group. The establishment of a community of interests, the realization of strong alliances and complementary advantages are important measures to promote the high-quality development of the industry, and are of great significance to enhancing the competitiveness, influence and industrial benefits of the cement machinery equipment industry in our region. At the same time, it is also an important measure for Changqing District to continuously stretch the industrial chain of cement machinery and equipment, build, strengthen, and supplement the chain, demonstrating the confidence and determination of Changqing enterprises to build a community of destiny, break through and seek common development.

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