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Guoshun Group and Shandong Lingchao signed a product agency cooperation agreement

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  On June 28, Guoshun Group and Shandong Lingchao New Material Co., Ltd. held a grand ceremony for the signing of a product agency cooperation agreement in the international exchange meeting room on the second floor. Group Chairman Lv Hewu, Executive Director Sun Deshan, Deputy General Manager Fan Xianping, Deputy General Manager Zhang Zhenzun; Shandong Leading New Material Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhao Li, Deputy General Manager Liu Maosen, Deputy General Manager Meng Qingrong, and Engineering Manager Zhang Dabin attended the signing ceremony ceremony. The signing ceremony was presided over by Executive Director Sun Deshan.

  In her speech, Chairman Zhao Li highly praised the development achievements of Guoshun Group and fully affirmed the development achievements of Guoshun Group in recent years. She said that Shandong Lingchao is an environmentally friendly enterprise that produces environmentally friendly interior decoration materials. The group is also a well-known environmental protection enterprise in China. Both companies have a common philosophy, that is, they both respect environmentally friendly products and low-carbon products. In addition, Guoshun Group also has a green fabricated steel structure construction industry, which requires comprehensive Shorten the construction period and carry out quick interior decoration, which is in line with the leading carpet product production philosophy. The cooperation between the two companies can be described as one-hearted and like-minded!

  In his speech, Chairman Lv Hewu extended a warm welcome to Mr. Zhao and his entourage for visiting Guoshun Group. He pointed out that Shandong Lingchao New Materials Co., Ltd. is a well-known Sino-foreign joint venture in China, and its decorative fabrics and floor materials are second to none in China; currently Guoshun Group is vigorously developing green prefabricated steel structure buildings. Whether prefabricated buildings are really convenient and safe, interior materials are the key. We are always looking for interior materials that match healthy and green buildings. Shandong Lingchao can cooperate with Guoshun Group. The prefabricated building industry and steel structure ultra-low energy consumption development concepts form a good complementarity, and at the same time carry out product sales promotion and other technical cooperation in the industry. Leading tide's new wall materials for passive buildings with no disassembly and low energy consumption can achieve low energy consumption, noise prevention, and light weight. It is a good support for the new fourth-generation green building advocated by Guoshun Group. In terms of materials, we will carry out more extensive and in-depth cooperation!

  Shandong Lingchao New Material Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture invested and constructed by American Chemical Fiber Lingchao International Co., Ltd., established in Weifang High-tech Development Zone on September 16, 2005, with a total investment of 98 million US dollars and registered capital It was $42,361,594. In 2006, the company began to set up factories in Weifang High-tech Zone. In 2009, all production bases were moved from the United States to Weifang. Has been awarded the honorary titles of "National High-tech Enterprise", "Advanced Enterprise of Scientific and Technological Progress", "Advanced Import and Export Enterprise", "Most Credible Green Product", "Civilized Unit Implementing "National Student Physical Health Standard", and passed It has obtained the comprehensive certification of sea, road and air (ships, automobiles, aircraft [Boeing aircraft]) and the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification; in 2011, it was listed as the first batch of 100 strategic emerging industries by Shandong Province and ranked 19th. The company has a group of experienced technical engineers, researching and developing nearly 1,000 kinds of new products, and has a 50-year history of professionally producing interior decoration fabrics. Its product level has long been the world leader. It is the world's leading manufacturer of decorative fabrics and floor materials. Of multinational companies.

  This signing can be described as a strong alliance, complementary advantages, and win-win cooperation. Guoshun Group will adhere to the prefabricated construction industry and the development concept of ultra-low energy consumption of steel structures, and become the exclusive agent of Shandong Lingchao New Materials Co., Ltd. in China. Is responsible for the promotion and sales of decorative fabrics and carpet floor materials. In the future, the two parties will surely carry out deeper cooperation in a broader field to promote Guoshun Group to achieve higher quality development!

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