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Guoshun Group solemnly held the 2020 semi-annual comprehensive benchmarking summary meeting

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  On July 1, Guoshun Group solemnly held the 2020 semi-annual comprehensive benchmarking summary meeting of “face problems, self-improvement, consensus building, and result-oriented” at the mission center on the eighth floor. The purpose of the meeting is to summarize the results of the work in the first half of the year, fully benchmark the company's annual meeting of the company in 2020, "Chairman's Work Report", clarify goals, gather energy, unite people, and accurately position, and arrange the development tasks of the group company in the second half of the year. More than 90 people including the chairman of the board of directors, various deputy general managers, newly appointed young cadres, principal persons in charge of various functional departments and employee representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Executive Director Sun Deshan.

  At the conference, the group office first notified the group's focus on the completion of digital indicators in the first half of the year. Subsequently, 11 group vice presidents and heads of sub-branches made a semi-annual work benchmarking summary report.

















  Participants watched the group company's promotional video and the interview record with outstanding young employees.

  Next, the four newly appointed young cadres will make work reports and debrief reports.

  Liu Guangguo, Assistant to the Chairman and Director of the Safety Committee, delivered a speech on the theme of "Re-enhancing awareness, re-firming management, re-changing concepts, and re-thinking danger in peace", and made a summary and analysis of safety quality and management issues in the first half of the year. The six-month safety and quality work arrangement and the safety and health development of the group company have made a deep understanding and thinking, and made key emphasis and requirements.In the second half of the year, the safety committee will increase the requirements and intensity of safety and quality supervision and control of the group company, and the method of accountability will truly give the right to stop work, one-vote veto, and the right to transfer and dismiss from work in Guoshun's safety governance. Another empty talk.

  At the end of the conference, the chairman delivered an important speech. He first made a comprehensive summary and analysis of the overall work in the first half of 2020, fully affirmed the work achievements of each unit, pointed out the problems and shortcomings in the work, and arranged for 2020 In the second half of the year, the work planning, business objectives, and business ideas of each unit of the group clarified the development direction of each functional department, business department, and subsidiary company. The chairman encourages everyone to build up confidence, cherish opportunities, base themselves on their jobs, strive for progress, have a sense of crisis, further strengthen standardization and standardized management, formulate a more market-oriented assessment mechanism, urge managers to improve execution, promote employees to improve work efficiency, and concentrate Work together to seek common cause and realize the sustainable and stable development of Guoshun Group!