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Shandong branch of China Petroleum Co., LTD. Leaders visit Guoshun group for investigation and exchange

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  Recently, Shang Bojun, party secretary and executive director Shandong branch of China Petroleum Co., LTD. to visit Guoshun Group for investigation and exchange, and held friendly consultations on the cooperation and development of natural gas projects. Changqing District Committee Standing Committee, Executive Vice President Dong Qingzhe, District Development and Reform Bureau Director Zhang Dianyi, District Investment and Promotion Bureau Director Wang Lin, Deputy Director of the District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology Yan Xinli; Lv Hewu, Chairman of Guoshun Group, and Liu Guangguo, Assistant Chairman, participated in the event.

  At the meeting, Dong Qingzhe welcomed the guests and briefly introduced the basic situation of Changqing distric. He said, Changqing area has a long history, rich in resources, profound culture, location, transportation, ecology, talent, culture five outstanding advantage, Changqing distric fruitful development in recent years, the city's image, greatly improve the appearance of the city, the business environment constantly optimized, Changqing director has become entrepreneurial, industrial land is full of opportunities, development of high ground. He pointed out that the Guoshun group is a Changqing area Backbone level enterprise, is the domestic well-known environmental protection enterprises, in the field of atmospheric pollution, green prefabricated steel structure are walking in the forefront of the country, hope we can cooperate, deepen understanding, innovative ideas, carry out comprehensive, multidisciplinary cooperation, relying on the advanced professional technical and management advantages, create energy cooperation, coal to gas, natural gas equipment manufacturing and sales of new heights of cooperation.

  Lv hewu first extended a warm welcome to Secretary Shang Bojun and his party for their visit to Guoshun Group, and introduced the basic information of the company and the future direction of cooperation to the guests.He pointed out that Guoshun group has been engaged in the field of environmental protection for 15 years, with advanced environmental protection technology, impressive environmental performance, rich talent reserve and perfect industrial supply chain.In this cooperation, both parties complement each other's advantages and share resources. Relying on the platform of the petrochina kunlun gas co.,ltd, the advantages of both parties are combined into the overall advantages of the alliance to realize the scale effect, thus winning the strong market competitiveness.He stressed that the future main cooperation do big difference of distributed energy projects investment and operation, and jointly promote the coal to gas projects in the park and industrial promotion, promote the investment and construction progress of the project, the implementation of related materials, equipment manufacture and sale of natural gas, promote energy security and the construction of intelligent management platform, to build new energy management project in Shandong province area, achieve energy management new revolution.

  At the meeting, the oil and gas sales in shandong branch secretary of the party committee, executive director of the Shang Bojun, said Changqing area with beautiful environment, the geographical position is superior, outstanding human resources, has a unique advantage, the impressive Guoshun group strength of enterprises, to cooperation with the Guoshun group we are full of hope, full of expectation.In the future. We hope to establish friendly cooperative relations in a larger scope, a wider field and a wider space, and strive to inject the most high-quality energy, the most advanced management concept and the most advanced operation mode into new projects, so as to achieve win-win cooperation!