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Zheng Deyan, Member of the Standing Committee of Jinan Municipal Party Committee and vice mayor of Jinan, visited Guoshun Group for research

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  On the morning of August 1, Zheng Deyan, member of the Standing Committee of Jinan Municipal Party Committee and vice mayor of Jinan, visited Guoshun Group for investigation and guidance. The relevant municipal departments were mainly in charge of the activities, including Zhao Jvan, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and mayor of Jinan Economic Development Zone, He Jiwen, director of the administrative Committee of Jinan Economic Development Zone, etc. The activities were attended by Lv Hewu, chairman of Guoshun Group, Sun Deshan, executive director, Liu Guangguo, assistant to the chairman, and Feng Chao, deputy general manager.

  Zheng Deyan inspected the remote control center, environmental protection equipment production workshop and monitoring center of Guoshun Group on the spot, and listened to Lv Hewu, chairman of the board, about the current business status of the enterprise, energy-saving and emission-reduction technology innovation, green supply system and other specific work reports.

  Zheng Deyan expressed full affirmation to the good development of Guoshun Group, the actions of actively promoting clean and low-carbon energy supply by cultivating energy-saving, environmental protection and green building market for many years. He said that as a national leading environmental protection enterprise and a demonstration base for the conversion of old and new driving forces in Shandong Province, Guoshun Group has made an important contribution to the development of the green, energy saving and environmental protection industry in Jinan.It is hoped that Guoshun Group will make persistent efforts to strengthen the transformation of industrial Internet in traditional industries, promote industrial development through the market, persist in pioneering and innovation, seize the opportunity of green development, take science and technology as the guide, and vigorously promote new technologies and new equipment. Hope Guoshun group will adhere to the standards of energy conservation, environmental protection, and high quality, deepen green development initiatives, and develop a scientific development model for the general public.