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Guoshun group held a grand party building and group building theme activities

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  For the further implementation of the "never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind" thematic education activity and  Xi Jinping secretary to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the may fourth movement's important speech spirit, in the conference group, realize the precise positioning, lean management, win-win development, May 6, the Guoshun group was held on the eighth floor propaganda and education center "beginner's mind, bear the mission, vying for the new era of good youth"  party building theme activities.Lv Hewu, secretary and chairman of the General Branch of the Party of the Group, Li Fei, President and deputy general manager of the Trade Union, Wang Zhongtu, deputy general manager, and Liu Ying, deputy secretary of the General Branch of the Party of the Group attended the activity. More than 50 people participated in the activity, including representatives of the group's youth minister, Party members and young employees. This activity by the union President, deputy general manager Li Fei presided over.

  The activity carries on by the party general branch deputy secretary Liu Ying to be entitled above all "comprehend beginning heart, keep beginning heart, practice beginning heart" thematic education training.

  Party members and youth representatives attended the meeting around the exemplary vanguard role of party members and the "May 4th Spirit", combined with the theme of "never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind" education activities, based on their own positions, express their feelings of work, and offer Suggestions and Suggestions for the development of the company.

  After the speech, all the members of the group reviewed the publicity video of "The Great Events of  Guoshun Group in 2019" and jointly recalled the eventful events of the group in the past year.

  Subsequently, under the leadership of liu Ying, deputy secretary of the general Branch of the Party, representatives of  the party members attending the meeting reviewed the oath, the entire family members attending the meeting reviewed the oath of the state Guoshun.

  The youth minister representatives and the boss in turn gave wonderful speeches, through sharing personal struggle in the Guoshun, they encouraged the young representatives to consciously contribute, keep forging ahead, make a commitment to the mission, carry the responsibility to live up to people's expectations, struggle for the Guoshun for life.

  At the end of the symposium, the secretary and chairman of the general Branch of the Party of the group made an important speech.

  He pointed out that the history of the development of the Guoshun group is a private enterprise struggle history, we should be grateful for the party care, grateful for the gift of The Times, grateful for the opportunity of the market, grateful for your family members to pay, the Guoshun family people to heart to think, to make, twist into a rope, abide by professional ethics, abide by the national law! He stressed that the CPC today's team building activity is part of our daily work, all the youth representatives to the spirit of the theme to the front line staff stable cross, encourage everyone to do not forget to Guoshun the beginner's mind and mission, Make unremitting efforts to achieve the strategic goal of "employee income first, industry development first, social contribution first".

  On the afternoon of the same day, representatives of party members and youth went to Jinan (Dafeng mountain ) Party spirit education Base. Under the guidance of the staff, they visited "The spring city sowing flame, the light illuminates changqing; In the face of national disaster, we fought a bloody war; To build the Great Wall together; As firm as a rock, meet the dawn; To rise in self-defence, to celebrate liberation; Heroes everywhere, monuments to immortality”Six parts. Through the exhibition of historical pictures and materials, we will learn the heroic deeds of revolutionary martyrs, review the revolutionary history, and seriously experience the DaFeng Mountain spirit of "Faith like a mountain, devotion to the people, fearlessly sacrifice and courage".