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Guoshun Group successfully held the 2020 Annual Strategic Partnership Exchange Conference

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  To boost cooperation to achieve high quality development enterprise, facilitate communication between the two sides sincerely, friendly cooperation, together development, build a solid, win-win, competitive green supply chain, propaganda is known, that mindfulness, is the enterprise culture, adhering to the "Guoshun is one family" concept, the Guoshun group held on September 10, 2020 annual strategic partner communication meeting.The meeting was held in The Garden Expo Resort Hotel.

  The theme of this meeting is: joint development and win-win advantages. I hope that through this conference, we can promote better cooperation between Guoshun Group and strategic partners for mutual promotion and common development.The conference was organized by Shandong Guoshun Construction Group Co., LTD, and sponsored by Zhejiang Chengyu Technology Co., LTD.The meeting was chaired by Sun Deshan, executive director of the Guoshun Group.

  The moderators first delivered the opening speech and introduced the participants, who attended the conference, including the Changqing District Government leadership, Jinan Economic Development Zone Management Committee leadership, 89 high-quality supplier partners, the Group Chairman and senior management of a total of more than 200 people.

  Later, Zhao Jvan, secretary of the Changqing District Party Committee, delivered a speech. On behalf of the Changqing District Committee Government, he extended a warm welcome to all the guests who attended the exchange conference.He affirmed and praised the development and corporate responsibility of Guoshun Group. He said, "Guoshun Group is an excellent enterprise with thoughts, ideals, national affairs and great achievements. Changqing is a beautiful land, with beautiful mountains, beautiful water and more beautiful people.I hope that our good friends of entrepreneurs will make full use of this communication opportunity, to jointly build new platforms, mechanisms and new ways for cooperation and development, and constantly broaden the areas of cooperation and deepen the content of cooperation. In capital operation, product supply, the talent supply and demand, technological innovation and achievements transformation and integration of production, study and long-term cooperation, make progress together, grow together, common development."

  After watching the promotional video of Guoshun Group, the department heads of Guoshun Group Environmental Protection Design Institute, Engineering corporation and the center expressed their gratitude to the suppliers for  their cooperation and support over the years ,at the same time, he expressed his willingness and appeal to expand cooperation.

  At the end of the speech, watched the development memorabilia of the Guoshun group .Subsequently, Guoshun Group award recognition of the annual high-quality suppliers, high-quality supplier representatives made a speech, through years of cooperation they deeply feel that cooperation with Guoshun is the right choice, not only to bring them performance growth, but also through Guoshun's project promotion to improve market visibility, and wish Guoshun's development more brilliant.

  Later, Zhang Zhenzun, deputy general manager of Guoshun Group, delivered an important speech, pointing out that "low profit ≠ low price" should transform the reduction of profit into joint effort to control cost and reduce price.The success of supply chain needs to integrate and share resources, strengthen the obligation and responsibility of marketing promotion, form purchasing alliance and cost alliance, and get a bigger "cake" in the market game together.

  Next, Ji 'nan economy open area promotes bureau director Zhou Xijin to do "investment economy, build a dream future" thematic report.

  At the end of the meeting, Lv Hewu, chairman of Guoshun Group, made a concluding speech. The chairman said, "The foundation of cooperation between Guoshun Group and suppliers is solid, the confidence is full and the prospect is bright. In order to realize the group's "double hundred goal", Guoshun proposes to "borrow wisdom from suppliers", Let us through the construction of green supply chain and the establishment of long-term strategic cooperative relations between suppliers, and truly realize the shared development, win-win development, stable development and long-term development of the Guoshun Group and suppliers.

  This is an age of once-in-a-century change;A new era of high quality learning and rapid product evolution;It was the age of the partner;It is an era of mutual assistance and support for national development. It is an era of harmonious coexistence and healthy development among our business people.It is an age of ambition and youth. This era has us, is the best meeting"

  The meeting for the supply and demand both sides of the friendship and cooperation established a good platform, the Guoshun group always attaches importance to developing partnership with suppliers, adhering to the scientific and rational procurement concept, in view of globalization collectivized purchasing work, vigorously promoting strategic purchasing, to the opportunity of hope in the future can continue to strengthen cooperation with suppliers and in-depth exchanges and close communication, the cooperation concept of adhering to the family, to build the ecological harmony of green supply chain.

  Through the establishment of green supply chain and long-term strategic partnership between suppliers, the Shared development, win-win development, stable development and long-term development of Guoshun Group and its suppliers can be truly realized to help realize the goal of "double hundred" of Guoshun Group!