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Guoshun Group successfully won the bid for the EPC of Zibo Road Kindergarten Project in Huaiyin District

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  In March of Yangchun, everything recovered, and the earth was full of vitality. With the great moment of the country's concerted efforts to fight the new crown virus, the Guoshun Group received frequent news. Good news came from the Jinan Public Resources Trading Center on March 4. Shun Group successfully won the bid for the general contracting (EPC) of the Zibo Road Kindergarten Project in Huaiyin District, which opened the curtain for the new year and new year of the green building section of Guoshun Group.

  The Zibo Road Kindergarten project is located in Huaiyin District, Jinan City, with a construction area of 7,700 square meters. The project adopts the green prefabricated building form, and implements the whole process of design, procurement, construction, testing, surveying and mapping, commissioning, acceptance, warranty and related procedures. The contracting model integrates the resources of the whole industry chain through BIM, and realizes the whole process management of project design, manufacturing, installation and construction.

  Guoshun Group has always been adhering to the cooperation concept of "integrity" and "family", grasping the strategic opportunities for accelerating the development of green buildings, taking a professional team as the basis, innovative advanced technology as the guidance, and perfect business model as the guarantee. Transform technological advantages into products, transform products into intelligent buildings, and fully promote the development of green prefabricated buildings.

  Guoshun Group has formed a comprehensive assembly-type construction technology system in the country of standardized design, factory production, assembly construction, integrated decoration, information management, and intelligent application. It has realized building houses like cars, and has completed Changqing District National Fitness Center, Chile Iquique Stadium and other well-known green prefabricated buildings.

  The successful bid for the EPC project of the Zibo Road Kindergarten project is not only a recognition of Guoshun Group's brand effect, but also a true portrayal of Guoshun's strength in "30 years of building good quality, Guoshun letting people rest assured".

  We firmly believe that Guoshun Group will be able to complete the project construction tasks with high quality and on schedule, and carry forward the artistic ideas of green prefabricated architecture!