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The chairman of the group visited the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute for exchange

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On September 18, 2020, the group chairman Fan Xianping, LanShouLi, Yang Donghong  led the group vice President, business management department Lv Yang visit planning institute of metallurgy industry, and Li Xinchuang, secretary of the Planning Academy, Zhou Xiang dean assistant and the environmental protection center professionals, iron and steel industry energy conservation and environmental protection technology development and application were discussed and the exchange, and exchange views on bilateral cooperation.


Chairman thank the metallurgical Planning Institute Guoshun group of countries to support and help for many years, and introduces the Guoshun group environmental governance in the iron and steel industry in recent years research and development of technology and the application results, said the shun group will with system management thinking, industrial companies specializing in providing advanced and efficient environmental management technology, and integrated solutions, and constantly strengthen the digital control system, hope that both sides can strengthen exchanges and cooperation, for our country iron and steel industries and enterprises to speed up the environmental protection promotion to provide high quality professional services.Subsequently, Fan Xianping, deputy general manager of GuoShun Group, made an analysis and report on the status quo and technology of the industry.


Secretary Li Xinchuang extended a warm welcome to the visit of Guoshun Group, analysis of the current our country iron and steel industry technology development and the existing environmental protection level environmental governance, points out that reform in national industrial policy guidance and ultra-low emissions requirements, comply with the high quality iron and steel industry development direction, stable, efficient, economic and advanced environmental protection management of energy saving technology in the field of iron and steel has good application prospects and great market potential, and hopes the two sides to strengthen cooperation, pragmatic, and metallurgical Planning Institute said will give full play to their professional advantage and platform, boosting environmental governance advanced technology development and progress continuously, for iron and steel enterprises to speed up the development of green service support.


Guoshun Group will take this opportunity, relying on the professional strength and platform advantage of Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, from the industrial policy, industry development and enterprise operation accurately grasp the development direction, based on the existing good cooperation both sides continue to give full play to their respective advantages, deepen strategic cooperation and promote the development of win-win, provide system solution for iron and steel enterprise customers, promote the development of ultra low emission and high quality iron and steel industry.