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Guoshun Group held the first innovator exchange forum

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  On July 18, Guoshun group first innovators exchanges symposium was held in the center of the group headquarters mission on the 8th floor, conference aims to encourage innovation,recognition of the advanced, comprehensively review the problems and shortcomings of the group company in technological innovation, management improvement and other work, give full play to the supporting and leading role of science and technology, and realize the win-win development of enterprises and talents. Chairman of the group company, special guest Professor Zheng Zhongcai, part of the senior management cadres and technical backbone representatives of more than 60 people attended. The conference was presided over by Yang Fengling, assistant to the chairman.

  At the beginning of the conference, Professor Zheng Zhongcai of Shandong Jianzhu University gave the training of "Innovation-Driven Enterprise Development", and conveyed the significance of doing a good job in scientific and technological innovation to each participant from the four aspects of why innovation is needed, what is innovation, the classification of innovation and how to promote innovation.

  Guo Fudong, the minister of human resources department, gave a publicity and consistent training on The talent Pool of “Shunzhi Science talent Pool”, which clarified the importance of scientific and technological innovation to the development of individuals and companies.It is emphasized that scientific and technological innovation talents are the wisdom bank and think tank of the company. Priority rights and entry and exit conditions of incoming talents should always be clearly defined, so that more talents can be discovered and more young people can have development.

  Qiu Hongbo, director of the General Work Office, gave the training of "Meeting future Opportunities and Challenges with Innovation", emphasizing that the development of individuals and enterprises is complementary to each other. As long as people dare to think and act, they can realize the common development of individuals and enterprises.

  Subsequently, the group company to make outstanding contribution in science and technology innovation respect 15 comrade award of award of new star of science and technology, innovation creates effect and original technology award respectively.

  The winners then gave their acceptance speeches.

  After that, representatives of technical backbone made speeches one after another.

  Conference in the end, the chairman delivered an important speech, he first of all to the group company of science and technology innovation work has carried on the comprehensive summary and analysis, emphasize group company to increase investment in scientific research funds, firmly grasp the direction of science and technology innovation, attaches great importance to the core technology talents clear focus on science and technology innovation, further promote innovation and research and development of long-term mechanism.The chairman encouraged everyone to base on their own, actively seek change, dare to take risks, and strive for progress. They should not only carry forward the excellent entrepreneurial spirit, but also inspire the young people to make vigorous efforts. They should promote innovation by doing hard work, strive for breakthrough by studying hard, constantly stimulate the innovation potential, and strive for a happier tomorrow! No matter how rough the waves get, it's like walking in the yard. Under the leadership and guidance of the chairman of the board, no matter how serious risks and challenges we may encounter in the future, "Guoshun people" will surely overcome the stormy waves and move forward steadily!