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Shandong Guoshun Construction Group and Xinghua Fortune Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement

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On the morning of December 9th, Shandong Guoshun Construction Group and Xinghua Fortune Group held a forum in the headquarters of Guoshun Group and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.Participants at the event were:Chen Maochun, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Xinghua Fortune Group;Han Zongtao, director of the Group's Board of Directors Office and deputy commander of Fujian Longgang Project;Li Xiangbo, assistant to the chairman, director of the Information Planning Department of the Group Board of Directors;Lv Hewu, chairman of Guoshun Group;executive director Sun Deshan, marketing general manager Fan Xianping, marketing deputy general manager Xu Zhidan, chief information officer Lu Yang.

Chairman Chen Maochun and his entourage first visited the prefabricated office building of Guoshun Group, the green intelligent processing plant, the intelligent remote control center, and the party building room. They learned in detail about Guoshun Group's development plan, innovative business philosophy and cultural system.

At the symposium, Lv Hewu, chairman of Guoshun Group, firstly welcomed the visit of chairman Chen Maochun and his entourage. He said that Guoshun Group has been deeply involved in the fields of environmental protection and green construction for many years, and has conducted in-depth cooperation with more than 130 steel companies in ultra-low emission transformation, operation, sintering equipment upgrades and intelligent management and control, taking lower environmental costs as the business starting point. Driven by technological innovation, we are striving to build the "Industrial Steel Structure Zero-Carbon Wisdom Pilot Industrial Park" project. Both parties have consistency in corporate culture and management concepts. We hope that both parties will complement each other's advantages and join forces to promote common business development. , To establish a long-term, stable, and mutually beneficial strategic partnership to achieve the common prosperity and development of Xinghua Fortune Group and Guoshun Group!

Chen Maochun, chairman of Xinghua Fortune Group, introduced the general situation of the group, corporate culture and the construction plan of Fujian Longgang New Materials Co., LTD. Assembly industrial Park, and highly appreciated guosen's achievements in innovation and development, corporate culture and ultra-low emission technology of industrial smoke in recent years. He said that Xinghua Fortune Group and Shandong Guoshun Construction Group are integrated in industry, and the two sides have similar culture, so there is a good basis for cooperation. It is hoped that Guosun Group, combined with previous successful cases, will create A set of environmental protection management system for Fujian Longgang New Materials Co., LTD., to help Longgang low-carbon and green development, and create 5A grade industrial tourist attraction.

Witnessed by the leaders of both sides,Shandong Guoshun Group and Xinghua Fortune Group reached a consensus on cooperation in the fields of steel enterprise environmental stewardship, carbon neutralization, carbon emission reduction, prefabricated buildings, and zero-carbon industrial park construction, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

In the future, Guoshun Group will work with Xinghua Fortune Group to focus on strategic cooperation, strengthen business communication, carry out all-round and multi-field cooperation, and earnestly give play to their respective advantages, push the win-win cooperation between the two sides to a new stage, and strive to become a success in cooperation and development. A model, a road of high-quality development featuring complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results!