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Guoshun Group’s High-End Environmental Protection Equipment was selected into the first "Good Products Of Shandong" brand list

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Guoshun Group’s High-End Environmental Protection Equipment was selected into the first "

Good Products Of Shandong" brand list

On March 2, the Shandong Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference on the construction of "Good Products Of Shandong" and released the first batch of "Good Products Of Shandong" brands. The "Guoshun Industrial Flue Gas Ultra-Low Emission Control Equipment" independently developed by Shandong Guoshun Construction Group was selected into the first batch of "Good Products Of Shandong" high-end equipment brands.

"Good Products Of Shandong" is a regional public brand created by the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and represents the overall image of the province's product, engineering and service brands. The first batch of "Good Products Of Shandong" brand list covers 14 categories and 223 brands in the fields of manufacturing, consumer goods and agricultural products. Industrial products are an important part of the "Good Products Of Shandong" system. The selection scope covers China Quality Award, Shandong Provincial Governor Quality Award, key industries for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, well-known agricultural product regional public brands and enterprise product brands, time-honored brands, geographical indications and other existing brands, highlighting quality, innovation, brand, efficiency and Evaluation indicators such as green development embody the core connotation of "Good Products Of Shandong",and show the"Good Products Of Shandong" that is on the tip of the public's tongue and daily consumption and the development achievements of Shandong Province's transformation of old and new kinetic energy.

The construction of "Good Products Of Shandong" is an innovative project and a new engine to promote the high-quality economic development of Shandong Province. In order to accelerate the construction of regional public brands, Shandong Province started from the top-level design and built a "4+1" brand system of "Good Products Of Shandong"products, enterprises, industries, regions and geographical indications, and opened a new model of national regional brand building.

Guoshun Group is currently a leading environmental protection enterprise for air pollution control with complete qualifications and high specifications in China, integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, construction, operation management, and investment services. Relying on the core green technologies in the fields of environmental protection, energy saving, water saving, resource recycling, etc., it takes the lead in adopting innovative business models such as BOO in the steel, electric power and other industries to provide enterprises with solutions from consulting, R&D and design, to equipment manufacturing and installation, and integrated applications. , operation management, and integrated full-chain services of public services. Among the more than 200 large iron and steel enterprises in the country, more than 140 have been invested, constructed and operated, ranking first in the country in terms of market share in the field of iron and steel sintering flue gas treatment.

After more than 20 years of high-quality development, the complete set of industrial flue gas ultra-low emission treatment equipment independently developed by Guoshun Group was selected into the "Catalogue of Major Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Encouraged by the State" jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and won the Shandong Province. The first (set) of major technical equipment in key areas of the province, the first innovative product purchased by the Shandong provincial government, the famous brand in Shandong Province, and the high-quality brand in Shandong Province have many honors. The group won the bid for the green integrated system solution provider of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, etc., and has become an excellent business card in the field of domestic environmental protection governance.

This time, "Guoshun Industrial Flue Gas Ultra-Low Emission Control Equipment" was successfully selected into the first batch of "Good Products Of Shandong" brand list, which also reflects the development concept of "Quality Prosperity, Brand Strong Enterprise" of Guoshun Group. Guoshun Group will continue to innovate in quality management, help build the brand of "Good Products Of Shandong", build high-end environmental protection equipment into a growth pole and power source for high-quality development of the enterprise, increase the market share of the brand with high-quality products, and help industrial flue gas Comprehensive management, so that high energy consumption does not mean high pollution, and make positive contributions to industrial development and ecological symbiosis!