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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

Talent concept:
Thought, morality, bloody, correct and mature values, stand the test, endure loneliness, stand praised, received criticism, sank, floating up, be good at self-examination, happy to self-improvement.
Guosun people should dare to assume responsibility, at a crucial time to uphold the principle and abide by professional ethics. To adapt to the environment, rather than to adapt to the environment, we must learn to endure injustice, in all circumstances can overcome all kinds of resistance to complete the task. To work hard, do everything in good intentions; to be persistent, work should not be impetuous, otherwise everything is not good; to be refined, to eliminate sloth, make full use of every inch of time, every opportunity to develop themselves. To focus on internal growth, we choose the benchmark line of cadres is the growth of enterprises, we widely absorb outstanding social professionals, merit is the move.